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Top 10 Methods to Improve Google Adsense CTR

Google Adsense is one of the most trusted platforms to earn money by displaying ads on a website. Before to know the methods of how to improve Google Adsense CTR, you must know what is Google Adsense CTR? 

CTR stands for “click-through rate”. It gets represented in percentage value. So the meaning or value of CTR is the “number of clicks out of 100 views”. 

For example, If you get 100 views. In 100 views you get 2 clicks then your CTR is 2%. 

Below you can find the formula given to calculate the CTR.

Click-through rate (CTR)= (number of clicks/number of views) × 100%

Here in this article, we have mentioned 10 methods to improve google Adsense ctr. 

“We have applied these mentioned tips and found almost 50% ctr increased after few month”. 

You can find some of the images that show how we increased our Adsense CTR after applying these methods. 

adsense report of page ctr

Google Adsense CTR Report just for 7 Days

Now check the below screenshot images, that we took 3-4 months after applying these 10 ways to improve Adsense Click Through Rate. 

Adsense CTR increase

Increased Adsense CTR Report

So improving your google Adsense ctr, neither an easy nor a tough task. You just have to focus on some tips and have some patience to see the result. Here you would look at those methods that will help you to improve your Google Adsense CTR in a considerable way. 

Types of Google Adsense CTR

Most people talk about Adsense CTR but they do not mention which types of CTR they are talking about in Google Adsense. Because there are two types of CTR in Google Adsense. 

One is “Page CTR” and the second one is “Impression CTR”. 

So the above method to calculate the CTR provides two different values. 

Page CTR = (number of clicks/number of pageviews) × 100%

Impression CTR = (number of clicks/number of impressions displayed) × 100%

Page CTR is always greater than the impression CTR because on a single page a website owner can display many ads impressions. 

For example, if you get 500 page views per day and each page display 5 impressions, then the number of total impressions is 2500. In 2500 ads impressions you get 20 clicks. 

And thus your Page CTR will be 4%, see here calculation {(20/500) × 100% = 4%} 

Whereas your Impression CTR will be 0.8%, see here calculation {(20/2500) × 100% = 0.8%}

Generally, Adsense CTR refers to Page CTR. 

How to improve Google Adsense CTR

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost per click) based advertisement network. So a website owner can earn at every click on publishing ads. 

Many people want to improve their CTR because it can increase their earnings. One can observe their website behavior and find many reasons that can increase Adsense ctr. 

Here we have mentioned 10 methods to improve the CTR of Google Adsense. 

1. Write relevant articles

“Relevancy matters most”… that’s why I have put it on top. 

Google has customers that advertise on websites. They search for some niche or something relevant to their products. If your website is related to their niche, the visitors that have come to your website for information and if they found any ads related to their searched information, they are going to click on your ads. 

Suppose you have written a blog related to baby or parenting information and visitors came and saw an advertisement related to baby products. Then the probability of clicking and checking the ads gets increases. 

2. Reduce your bounce rate

“The more people engage, the more chances to get clicks”. 

If you really want to increase CTR Adsense, you must consider this point “reduce your bounce rate”. 

What is the bounce rate of your website? When a visitor comes to your website and leaves your website without visiting other pages, then it is called a bounce. How many visitors clicked on the second page out of 100 visitors, is called a bounce rate. 

So if a visitor checks your many pages after landing on your website, then there is a great chance he can click on your ads on any page. 

Checking many pages means zero bounce rate for those visitors and they can see many impressions. The more the impression, the more chances to get a click. 

So the bounce rate of your website can proportionally affect your Google Adsense per click rate. 

Reduce your website’s bounce rate and increase your CTR in Adsense. You can check the bounce rate of your website in Google Analytics data. 

3. Place ads at the right locations

I have seen people making some blunder while placing ads throughout the content. Placing ads at the right location can increase your click-through rate (ctr). 

Always think about user experience while placing ads. It can increase your organic traffic as well as clicks. “Do not disturb visitors with your ads”. 

So use ads somewhere in the right locations. Do not mix or override. There must be always a gap between the two ads so that it could not disturb users. 

For example – place one ad on the header, one on the bottom or at the footer location, one in the sidebar, and one or two inside the content. So simply if your post or article is around 1000 words you still can place 4-5 ads with a proper gap. 

proper way for ads placement

4. Use quality content

You must have heard “Quality content is the key”. 

This point is the key to every good thing you want for your website. It plays an important role in improving the CPC and CTR of your website. 

Quality content makes your visitors stay with your website. So more chances to look for the ads and click on it. Ultimately if a visitor land on your website and he got what he wanted by spending time on your website then you can also get what you wanted (ads click). So focus to improve your quality and engage your audience. 

5. Use visible color ad blocks

If you want to get a high click rate on your Google Ads make sure your ads are properly visible and attractive. 

No matter how good quality your blog post has if the ads are not visible properly you gonna miss a lot of money. To get good Google Adsense CTR you must focus on the visibility of your ads. 

Many experiments show red color ads get more clicks to compare to others. Because it is visible and eye-catching at first sight. 

You can set the color in the Google Adsense Ads setting, in your “in-feed ads” and “in-article ads”. Also text font matters for every ad-block. A better and big font gets a high ad click-rate. 

6. Larger ads get more clicks

Of course, if the ads are larger in size, it will be visible and chances to get more clicks. So try to make your ads large in size but also care about user experience. Do not use too many and too big ads. 

Using two big ads on a page is a good sign of ad placement. You should use 300 * 600 size ads on the sidebar for a better CTR Adsense. 

Also can use 728 * 90 size at the header. And 600 * 300 is good for in-article ads. These some size of ads can improve Google Adsense CTR and also gives CPM bids (CPM – Cost per Mile or Cost Per Thousand Impressions) that can improve your earnings as well. 

7. Use image and text mixed ads

Google ads come in the form of text ads, image ads, video ads, animation ads, link ads, and many more. In native “in-feed ads” and “in-article ads” you can choose and set text in the ads. 

Most advertisement publishers use a mix of images and text ads. And for the visitors, it gives them proper information about the ad. 

Link ads give more CTR but their CPC is quite low. Using display ads can increase Adsense CTR because most of the display ads are text and image-based ads. 

8. Use heatmap to increase Adsense CTR

Heatmap tells us on what parts in your page the visitors spending more time and clicking. It shows where the users have clicked in your post and hovered near to it. 

So placing ads near to it get more attention and ultimately increases CTR. You can use any heat map software to know where users have hovered and click more. It’s totally a different term, so I have not mentioned it. You can search online for it and act accordingly. 

9. An ad block just after the first paragraph

It is one of the best places for ad placement and improving your CTR. Use an ad block just after the first paragraph to improve Google Adsense CTR. 

My own website gets the most number of clicks from this ad-block. 

Suppose a visitor came to your website and he read the first paragraph of your article and did not find it interesting. Rather than returning from your page, he can see the ad and may show more interest in the ad. So this method can give a click and improve your CTR for those visitors who just wanted to return from your page.  

10. Use at least 4-5 ads in 1000 words article

The number of impressions-visibility on your page can directly affect your Adsense ads click. So to increase the CTR of your Google Adsense you must use multiple ads. 

Must use 3 ads on every page, no matter how short is your article. One at the header, one at the footer, and one at the sidebar. 

If your article is lengthy you can use 1 or 2 ad impressions in between. Depending on the user experience you should not use many ads in the article if you have fewer words. 

Talking about myself, I use 4-5 ads in every article. But if the article is quite big like 2000-3000 words then I use 3-4 ads in between the article.

So these were the top 10 methods to improve the Google Adsense CTR. I hope you have liked it. Do tell us in a comment if you have any other ideas for improving the Adsense page click-through rate. 

Try to implement these methods and it will surely increase your Page CTR of your Adsense. Wish you the best.

Questions and Answers:

What is an average or good CTR?

CTR depends on many factors, as mentioned above some methods. But for a content or blog website, 1.5 % to 2.5 % is considered as an average and good CTR. Some website gets around 1 % CTR and earns a lot, it is also considered good if your niche or CPC is good. 5 % CTR is quite good for earning money and safe for Adsense. 

What is a bad CTR? 

A very low ctr or a very high ctr is known as a bad CTR. Especially a high ctr is bad. If you are getting Adsense CTR above 15 %, then there is a chance of your Google Adsense account suspensions. And I hope nothing would be worse than being suspended where you earn.  

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