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11 Best Watches for Men Under Rs 800 in India

watches for men under 800

A well-said quote is “the way we spend our time, defines who we are”. Then what about “the way we spend our money to define our best time”. So, you will spend less money to find the best watches for men that are going to define your time.

Here you will find the best affordable watches for men under 800 rupees

“Comfortable, Affordable, and Stylish Watches for Men”.

In modern days, usually, people use mobile-phone to watch time. But still, watches for men is not replaceable as it always fit with fashion. Nowadays, people already have costly mobiles, so it is a good decision to look for a watch at a reasonable price. Usually, people wear watches to look stylish and fashionable.

A watch for men also makes his dressing sense classical. Here in this article, you can find some best watches for men under 800 in India. 

Things you should consider before buying a Watch in India!

If you are going to buy a watch for men in India under 800 rupees, then you must consider the following things that matter most for men’s watches in 2023:

  • Its price should be affordable.
  • The watch should be branded. 
  • It should be deep water resistance.
  • Weight is a considerable thing before buying watches for men.
  • The material used to make a watch is the best thing to consider for. 
  • In a men’s watch, you should consider the band type and case type. 
  • Used power source to run the watch. 
  • And other useful extra features. 

These were some of the best information you should keep in mind before buying a watch for men in India.

Now, with the help of this article, you are going to find some of the best and branded watches for men under 800 rupees in 2023.

Watches for Men Under 800

If you are searching for the best watches under 800 rupees in India with some brand name and quality watches, then check the below watch for men:

1. Fastrack Analog Black Dial Watch for Men

This is a Fastrack company brand watches under 800 rupees. Its dial color and band color are black. If you like wearing low weight watch then this would be the best watch for you. The band and case material of this watch is plastic.

This watch provides 30 meters of water resistance depth. This Fastrack analog watch also provides a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. It’s a Quartz movement type watch, so it operates with the help of a battery that is already given in the watch. Check it below:

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2. CURREN Brand Men’s Watch Silver Colored Strap

This men’s branded watch at a low price looks very attractive. It comes with white dial color and a silver color strap. The strap material for this watch is stainless steel. Its watch movement type is Quartz (battery operated).

It is not very heavy and has a dial diameter is just 43 mm. The water resistance depth for this watch is 100 meters (quite impressive under this range). It’s a quality watch and has some great reviews. Check this watch below:

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3. Sonata Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

As we all know Sonata is a brand for watches. This Sonata Analog watch for men looks quite good. Its dial color is white with golden band color. This is a battery-operated branded watch and has 12 month of manufacturer warranty.

Its band and the case material are metal. It is one of the best and trusted branded watches for men.

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4. SEVEN Branded Men’s Watch Black Colored Strap

When you look for quality and brand in a watch then SEVEN brands come in one of them. It’s a black and nice looking watch for men in India under 800 rs.

The strap color is red and the material used in the strap is leather. Its case diameter is 40 mm. And this best watch for men comes with a water resistance of 30 meters in depth. Overall it would be the best purchase for men’s watch under 800.

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5. Timex Classics Analog Men’s Watch

Here is another leading brand “Timex” watch for men under Rs 800. Its dial color is white though there are other colors available on Amazon.

The band color for this watch is black and the material used is leather. It comes with 1 year of warranty. The water resistance depth for this awesome watch is 30 meters.

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6. Maxima Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

Now another brand for men’s watch “Maxima”. This is an analog watch with a white color dial. Its simply designed dial looks attractive.

The band color for this Maxima watch is silver and the band material is stainless steel. This watch is the analog type and comes with one year of warranty. Check this excellent watch below:

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7. SWISSTYLE Watch for Men Multi Colored Strap

This watch by Swisstyle looks really awesome in color and design. It comes with a multi-colored dial and multicolored strap.

Though the dial mostly has the color blue and its dial material is stainless steel. The strap color is silver and the strap material is also stainless steel. Check this colorful watch for men below on Amazon:

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Best Stylish Watches for Men in India

Now here you can find the list of the best stylish watches for men in India in 2023. These watches are branded and have a price of under Rs 800. Check below the stylish and quality men’s watches:

8. Fastrack Analog Men and Adult Watch

In the stylish watch category, this Fastrack watch comes in the first position. It looks very clean and clear with an awesome appearance. It is recommended for customers who are looking for a large dial size. The dial color and band color are black.

The case material for this watch is plastic, whereas the band material is silicone. This watch has a water resistance depth of around 30 meters. Check below this smart-watch type looking watch:

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9. SKMEI Digital Men’s & Boy’s Watch

SKMEI is one of the leading brands in the watch category. This watch is analog-digital and looks perfect for boys and men. Its dial color is blue and the band material is made of with quality rubber.

This stylish watch for men has many functions, like date, week, hour clock, alarm, and many more. Its case diameter is 46 mm, so it will fit perfectly for almost all men. It comes with 6 months of warranty.

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10. MAGBOT Smart Watch for Boys and Men

When comes to stylish watches, then there must be a smartwatch. This is a stylish smartwatch for under Rs 800 in India. It is one of the best Bluetooth wireless smartwatches and also can be used as a fitness band for boys, girls, men, women & kids.

This smartwatch is a sports watch and can tell about your heart rate and BP. Check below this stylish smartwatch by MAGBOT:

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11. Caviot Digital Multi-Function Square Men’s Watch

This Caviot digital multi-function square watch looks very stylish in design. The case material for this watch is plastic, whereas the band material is metal. Its band color is silver.

This stylish watch has some special features like an alarm, stopwatch, led display, and many more. The case diameter for this watch is 43 mm and the water resistance depth is around 30 meters. Check this stylish digital square watch below:

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So, these were the 11 best watches for men under Rs 800 in India (2023). These watches got selected after many hours of research and analysis by our team. Hope you have got, what you were searching for under 800 rupees in India. 

Which One is My Favorite of these 11 Watches?

As a reviewer of many watches, I can assure you these all 11 recommended watches are the best. But if I have selected one then I will choose the 4th number “SEVEN Branded Men’s Watch Black Colored Strap”, it depends on the simplicity brand or stylish look. But if I have selected from the stylish category then I would go for the 11th number “Caviot Digital Multi-Function Square Men’s Watch”.

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