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9 Best Masala Dani (Dabba) – Spice Box in India 2023

Best Masala Dani Dabba

In almost every Indian kitchen you can see a Masala Dani or Masala Dabba. In English, it is known as Spice Rack or Spice Box. A Masala Dani is a spice box that has several small boxes or cups or containers. You can fill these containers with different types of food spices and herbs. 

A Masala Dani is a very very important Kitchen Gadgets, especially in Indian Kitchen. You can know the importance of this kitchen appliance, only when you cook food of different recipes. 

A Masala Dani is available in different types either on the market or online (at amazon). Such as Plastic Spice Box, Masala Dani Stainless Steel, Wooden Spice Box, and many more. An Indian Masala Dabbi contain usually 6-12 cups. These cups may have square, round, or something in different designed shapes. The spice box may have a transparent cover, so the spices and herbs will be clearly visible from the outside. It may also come with a small spoon with different designs and materials. 

Here you can find the 9 best Spice Box or Masala Dani available in India in 2023. 

9 Best Masala Dani for Kitchen

Below is the review of the best 9 Spice Box in India. We have selected them after many hours of analysis, hope you would like them also. According to their quality and properties, the prices of these Masala Box may vary from Rs 200 to Rs 1000 or more. Check it below:-

Wooden Masala Dani

1. Wooden Table Top Masala Dabba Containers


Wooden Masala Dani 1

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  • This wooden Masala Dabba container has 9 partitions.
  • It comes with a wooden spoon. 
  • The wood used to make this spice box is Sheesham, which is considered a very strong tree. 
  • The cover is made of glass, to make it transparent from the top.
  • It is a hand-made Masala Dani.

2. Woven Plastic Masala Dani Rangoli Box


Wooden Masala Dani 2

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  • It is a woven design Spice Box, though the sections are made of plastics. 
  • This Woven Plastic Masala Box has 7 sections. 
  • The look is very elegant and you can contain herbs, spices, and dry fruits within it.

3. Wooden Masala Box Dabba in India


Wooden Masala Dani 2

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  • This is one of the best wooden woven Masala Dani in India at a low price. 
  • The design of this Masala Container is very great and maintains good health and hygiene.
  • It has 7 removable cups (small sections) to store herbs, spices, or masalas. 
  • It can be used for other storage kitchen boxes.

Plastic Masala Dabba

4. Multipurpose Transparent Plastic Spice Box

plastic masala dabba 1

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  • This transparent plastic Masala Dani has awesome looks.  
  • It is a multipurpose plastic container.
  • This masala Dabbi has 8 spice jars. 
  • This spice box set is tough, strong, and shatter-proof to your kitchen.

5. Revolving Plastic Spice Box set


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  • Solimo Revolving Plastic Spice Rack set is made in India Masala Dani.
  • It comes with either 12 or 16 spice jars with a 120 ml capacity of each.
  • This box is easy to use, easy to clean, and refill.
  • It is a good quality Plastic Masala Dabba and keeps spices fresh and free from odor.

6. Multipurpose Plastic Big Spice/Masala Box Set


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  • This multipurpose plastic big-size spice box has a great look.
  • It has 16 containers to fill spices, herbs, and dry fruits.
  • The quality of this Plastic Masala Dabba is good with its low price rate.

Stainless Steel Masala Dabba

7. Multipurpose Stainless Steel Masala Dabba


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  • It is a multipurpose stylish Masala Dabba of steel.
  • This Masala Dani Stainless Steel has 7 containers (jars) with 7 big size steel spoons.
  • The size of the jar is quite big (350 ml each) and can contain herbs, spices, dry fruits.
  • The design and quality of this product are awesome, as it is made of stainless steel.

8. Stainless Steel Belly Shape Masala (Spice) Box

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  • This is a classic design spice box that contains 7 containers and a small spoon.
  • The rating of this product (Masala Dabba) is quite good in 2023, as per the customer’s review. 
  • The steel used to make this Masala Dani is rust-proof and hygienic. 
  • Overall it is one of the best Masala Dabba, you must have this in your kitchen.

9. Best Rating Steel Spice Box for Kitchen

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  • It is also a colorful and good-looking Masala Dani in stainless steel, available in Amazon India in 2023.
  • This one is available in another color variant (select what you like).
  • It comes in 7 small jars or containers with a small spoon. 
  • The steel used in this Box is good and is capable of making your food safe. 

According to best reviews and analysis, these were the 9 best spice boxes (Masala Dani) in India in 2023. You can select any of the above because all are the best and reviewed by the best team.

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