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11 Best Educational Toys for 5-Year-Old India 2023

best educational toys for 5 year olds

5 years is a time for a child when they are about to join 1st grade or already studying in 1st grade. This is one of the most important times for a child’s education and their starting life to learn.

These mentioned Educational Toys can be used for 4 to 6 Year-Olds and also other Ages. 

By the age of 5, kids explore more about social, emotional, mental, and physical development. It is the time when they need educational toys that can manage their neural stimulation in the right way“. 

At the age of 4 to 5 years, a boy or girl should have toys that enhance their ability in a playful manner. This is also a time when they need to play with what they have already learned in preschool. Some educational toys for small kids will lead them to go for practice while playing. 

A five years olds child also starts going through their interest. So it is also important for parents to look at those toys in which they have an interest. Some great toys can also define what your kids have a passion for. Though every child is different so you can select from the below list of educational toys which one can trigger your child’s interest.  

Some of the Toys at age of 5 years would be best that can enhance their skills, improve their ability, make them practice maths, can develop motor skills, problem-solving skills, visualization, and building skills. 

So here you can find the top 11 educational toys for 5-year-olds in India 2023 that would be very helpful for your child at this age. 

11 Best Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds

1. Creative Educational Aids Fun With Words Puzzle

Here is our first pick for the best educational toy for 5-year-old boys and girls. This is an activity book for kids by Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. It can enhance letter recognition and reading skills. It is a value-added but very less price product. This best educational toy comes under Rs 300.

creative educational toys for 5 year olds

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  • Fun with Words
  • Improve Reading Skills
  • Improve Letter Recognition
  • Letter Spellings
  • Improve Letter Pronunciation

2. Educational Augmented Reality Based Globe

You must know at this time children are spending their time on mobile or phones. This globe toy will make them enjoy learning on android or iOS mobile.

It is a STEM toy for boys & girls aged 4 to 10 years by the Shifu Orboot brand. So if you purchase it at age of 5, your child can learn a lot till 5 years more just with help of this. To operate this STEM globe toy, you just have to take your android or iOS mobile in front of the globe and it will give a lot of information about that location.

STEM toys mean Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys that improve curiosity and learning. 

Shifu Orboot_ The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe

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  • Fun-Interactive-Educational
  • They can learn Geography, History, Environmental Science, and more
  • Explore 400+ highlights and 1000+ World Facts
  • A perfect toy for curious kids

3. Zephyr Memory Skill

Zephyr Memory Skills toy can sharpen your children’s memory and develop their thinking abilities. It consists of many combination cards, game boxes, and pegs that will help to play this memory sharpen game.

The instruction to play is given in the description of the Amazon product. You can check it by clicking the “Buy On Amazon” button. It is one of the best educational toys for 5-year-olds and up kids. 

Zephyr Memory Skill learning toy

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  • Help to enhance memory power
  • Thinking ability
  • Improve child’s mental skills and game skills

4. Flash-Cards for 1 to 6-Year-Old Kids

It contains 64 non-tearable flashcards, through which your child can learn about letters, numbers, words, colors, and many more. It is a popular fun and learning toy. This can be a perfect gift for your loving children. This educational and learning toy is just under 500 rupees.

Flash-Cards for 1 to 6-Year-Old Kids

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  • Fun learning for kids
  • Develop early childhood education
  • Alphabets, letter, and color recognition
  • Colorful and Syllabus related content

5. Fun Game Laptop and Notebook Computer Toy

This fun laptop notebook computer toy for kids by ESnipe Mart brand is one of my favorite for new-era children learning. And it is not much costly but it can provide valuable education with fun. With help of this, a child can learn the alphabet, letters, numbers, musical notes, educational and fun games, and many more.

According to some reviews by customers, the quality is not that good. But it’s a learning toy, not a real laptop and it is a total value-for-money toy.  

Fun Game Laptop and Notebook Computer Toy

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  • Value for money toy
  • Improve visual and verbal learning
  • Toy and fun games
  • Improve spelling and pronunciation

6. Spelling Fun With Puzzles, Words, and Pictures

This educational toy under Rs 300 is perfect for 5-year-olds. It contains 150 piece spelling puzzles or 50 three-letter words to make learning fun. The puzzle contains beautiful and colorful words that would be the perfect gift toys for 4-year-olds and up boys and girls. 

Spelling Fun With Puzzles, Words, and Pictures

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  • Improve early reading skills 
  • Can improve problem-solving skills at an early age
  • Enhance attention and focus ability
  • Word formation and spelling puzzles

7. Science and Fun Learning DIY Educational STEM Toy

This science and fun DIY (do it yourself) activity learning toy is recommended for 6-year-olds but would be better bought at age of five if your child is curious about these DIY-type learning things. These projects are durable by the Kit4Curious brand. It contains almost 241 projects of tinkering, experiment, school project, and innovation kit. 

Kit4Curious Science & Fun Learning Educational DIY Toy

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  • Best educational toy for 5+ year-olds boys and girls
  • Can develop creativity, imagination, analytical skills
  • Improve practical and logical learning 
  • Enhance innovative thinking
  • Related for science and robotic learning at an early age
  • Best STEM and DIY toy

8. Genius Box Educational Toy for 5+ Year Age

This DIY science lab kit is fantastic for 5 or 6-year-old kids. These kits by the Genius Box brand are great for the early age of learning. Some curious children learn and enjoy science tricks and tips, so this toy includes all. This educational kit includes 30 science experiments. It comes with a step-by-step D.I.Y instruction manual and certificate.

Genius Box Educational Toy for 5+ Year Age

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  • It can enhance science-interest
  • Improve creativity and imagination
  • Develop logical thinking
  • Cognitive development

9. India Map With State Capitals Toy for Boys and Girls

India Mapology by Imagimake brand is one of the best educational gifts toy you can give to your child for learning about our country India. Children can learn about the state of India and its capitals easily. This learning toy is under Rs 500. 

India Map With State Capitals Toy for Boys and Girls

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  • A unique and fun educational toy
  • Provide innovative experience
  • Learn about our states and capitals at an early age

10. World Map with Flags and Capitals Learning Toys

At above mentioned educational toy your child can learn about our country. And this one would help to learn and enjoy the whole world. This jigsaw puzzle and educational toy for boys and girls can help to learn about the country and its flags. 

World Map with Flags and Capitals Learning Toys

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  • It provides an innovative experience
  • It made geography fun
  • Know about the country’s location and flags

11. Einstein Box Educational Gift Pack for Boys and Girls

The Einstein Box for 4, 5, and 6-Year-Old Kids is one of the best educational toys for Boys and Girls. This Einstein Box contains 5 educational toys and books that would surely help your child to learn and enjoy. It has puzzles, memory games, art and craft, and sticker books. These all are designed in a way that can make your kid’s childhood amazing. This amazing educational toy comes in the category under Rs 1000. 

Einstein Box Educational Gift Pack

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  • Develop logic
  • Build creativity
  • Enhance brain development
  • Develop fast learning skills

So these were the top 11 educational toys for 5-year-old India. These toys are all about learning while having fun. Believe us, a child can learn a lot while playing with a proper educational toy. 

Which One is My Favorite for Your 5-Year-Olds

I understand, that it becomes difficult when you select something for your children, whom you love so much. And this is about something that going to help your child a lot in terms of education and learning. Though I would recommend not thinking about it too much, our team already has searched/analyzed a lot about these mentioned educational toys. 

  • As per our team’s review, all are the best educational toys for 5-year-old boys and girls in India in 2023. But if considering reading skills and creativity then go for number 1. Creative Educational Aids Fun With Words Puzzle.
  • Number 5. Fun Game Laptop and Notebook Computer Toy is also a great choice for something modern type educational toys for 5-year-old.
  • If your child loves puzzles and memory-type games then number 11. Einstein Box Educational Gift Pack for your 4, 5, and 6-year-old Boys and Girls.

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