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11 Branded Handbags Under 1000 Rs {2023}

Branded Handbags under 1000 Rs

In this modern life, the handbag is an important essential for women. Handbags are also known as shoulder bags as they are usually carried over your shoulder with help of a strap. 

The handbag helps to carry many required small items, like mobiles, notebooks, stationery items, office products, skincare items, day-to-day accessories, and other personal-use products. Along with carrying a lot of needy items, a handbag for women provides a fashionable look. 

Along with considering fashion, there are many other prospects to look at before buying handbags. Like, such as attractive color, decent size, comport to carry, material quality, affordable price, etc. So, below you can check 11 branded handbags under 1000 Rs that our team has listed after complete analysis and research. 

There are thousands of handbags sold in India every day. And a branded handbag completes your all requirement. 

11 Best Brands for Handbags in India, considering top quality and price:

  1. Lavie
  2. Baggit
  3. Caprese
  4. Nelle Harper
  5. Women Marks
  6. Lino Perros
  7. Eden & Ivy
  8. Bellissa
  9. Inovera
  10. Exotic
  11. Nicoberry

So, if you are looking for branded ladies’ purses or handbags then you must have to consider about price. But here we have added some of the top branded and designer handbags for women for just under 1000 rupees.

Check the list of branded handbags for women in India:

11 Branded Handbags Under 1000 Rs

1. Lavie Betula Tote Ladies Purse Handbag

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Lavie is one of the best brands in India for women’s handbags with great quality and affordable prices. This medium tote handbag is durable and light-weight. It is the best-selling handbag on Amazon available in multiple colors. This awesome-looking lady’s purse has plenty of storage space.

2. Baggit Women’s Sling Bag

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Baggit is one of the top-rated brands in India for premium purses and handbags. It is one of the leading brands in India for the last 30 years. This sling bag has been made very stylish in design. The textured surface of this bag looks very beautiful and attractive. It comes with 6 months of warranty. 

3. Caprese Women’s Tote bag

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There are many handbag brands in India at affordable prices but no one is like the Caprese brand when considering the material quality. This is one of the best purses under 1000 Rs with top ratings by their customers. The quality of this bag is quite great as it has used Faux Leather material.

4. Nelle Harper Women’s Handbag

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This handbag for girls and women is very eye-catching and comes under 1000 rupees. The Nelle Harper brand provides a variety of colors to select your well-well match. It is made in India and comes with an additional pouch.

5. Women Marks Ladies Handbag

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This premium design handbag by the WOMEN MARKS brand is also one of the best-rated bags on Amazon-India. The material quality is awesome with its eye-catching premium design. This bag is a great choice under 1000 rs. It would also be a very nice gift idea for someone you love.

6. Lino Perros Artificial Leather Satchel

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Lino Perros is a top handbag brand in India. The look of this luxury handbag makes it one of the best handbags under Rs 1000 in 2023. The quality is outstanding and the material used to make this bag is Artificial Leather. This handbag is spacious and the design looks awesome.

7. Eden & Ivy Handbag

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This branded handbag under 1000 for women by Eden & Ivy is an Amazon brand. It is an affordable with good quality women’s handbag. This is one of the top-selling with best-ratings ladies bags on Amazon. The material used for this casual women’s handbag is synthetic.

8. Bellissa Handbag for Women

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This branded handbag by Bellissa will give a classic look. The material used for this purse is Polyurethane, which makes it quality-wise very great. There are many color variations you can select for it. It is one of the best handbag for women in India for casual use.

9. Inovera Faux Leather Women Shoulder Bag

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This hobo purse with a long strap is one of the best shoulder bags for women. The brand INOVERA has used faux leather material to make it durable and high quality. This handbag may be a little costlier as it has branded quality material and is liked by thousands of customers.

10. Exotic New Hand Bag for Women

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Editor’s Choice – This Exotic Handbag

I can not say more about this Exotic brand bag, as it is my favorite and hopefully yours too. You just check it if you are looking for a beautiful and branded handbag. This bag has got great ratings from its users. It may be a little costlier than 1000 Rs, as this one is awesome. 

11. Nicoberry Women’s Handbag

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This Nicoberry handbag comes below 1000 rs and it is one of the best women’s handbags in India. It comes with 1 year of warranty. It is a premium quality bag for ladies at an affordable rate.

So, these were the 11 branded handbags under Rs 1000. Hope you have got what you were looking for. These bags are branded, so don’t worry about quality. Our team researches a lot before listing these items here for you.

Best Designer Handbags under 1000

Below are listed the best designer handbags under 1000 Rs. These are some shoulder bags for women with quality and the latest design. 

Wild Moda Shoulder and Tote Bag

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This is one of the best shoulder bags for women of brand Wild Moda. 

Shining Bird Ladies Purse Handbag Combo Set

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This tote bag by the Shining Bird brand comes with a combo set of 3.

Lavie Women’s Nova Tote Bag

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Lavie is a top handbag brand and this bag’s design is classic, daily-use, and also party type.

Fiesto Fashion Latest Fashion Combo Purse

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The color and design for this Fiesto Fashion bag are charming. It comes with a small size hand purse.

Speed X Fashion Women Hand Bag

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This black combo set designer handbag for girls and women would be a good choice with a low budget.

So, these were the best designer handbags for women. All are best and chosen by experts. Also loved by its thousands of users. You would find here branded handbags just under 1000, also some designer handbags are mentioned in this product review article.

Our mentioned handbags are best and we only select those products which are recommended by their users. Because your money and time value to us. 

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