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10 Best Dim Lights for Bedrooms in India {2023}

dim lights for bedroom

Are looking for dim lights for your bedroom? A bedroom is a place in a home where we spend our most of time. So, not all the time do we require bright lights or without lights. Sometimes you need dim light, either for sleeping or spending time with your partner. 

Also, dim lights provide a less stressful environment. So if you have a hectic day or feel stressed after returning from work then these lights can help you to cool your mood. Those were the days when people were using only one type of light-bulbs with a holder at every place. But now you have all the options, so why don’t you use dim lights to ease your life? It may also save your electricity bill. 

Here we have added some of the best dim lights for bedroom in India according to your need.

10 Dim Lights for Bedroom

The review of top 10 best dim lights for bedroom in India is given below:

1. Rechargeable Dim Light with Gesture Control Sensor

Rechargeable Dim Light

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This rechargeable gesture control sensor is one of the best colorful mood lights. You can use hand gestures to control color and brightness. It has colors like Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Red. This night dim light by iGear Brand can last for almost 12 hours at a one-time battery charge. 

  • Gesture control sensor
  • Multicolor lights
  • Brightness Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Eyesight protection

2. Chandelier Jhumar Shape String Night Lights

Chandelier Jhumar Shape String Night Lights

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This chandelier shape jhumar light is one of my favorite. It has a beautiful design and looks so attractive even in the daytime because of its shape and multicolor string balls. These string lights can create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom or in your party. This dim light can also be used for decoration in festivals. It contains 32 series of ball strings with one replaceable bulb. 

  • Beautiful and colorful.
  • Romantic and attractive design.
  • Can be used for decoration.
  • The best gift of dim lights.

3. Moon Lamp Light for Bedroom USB Rechargeable

Moon Lamp Light for Bedroom

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This USB rechargeable moon lamp has 7 beautiful colors that you can change just by touching the surface. The glowing moonlight is just not a light, it can be used as the best gifts for children, women, friends, Holi, Diwali, and birthday gifts. 

  • Perfect for gifts.
  • Rechargeable and easy to operate.
  • Touch control sensor light.
  • Soft light for bedroom.

4. Night Wall Light – Dark Pink

Night Wall Light

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This night wall light by Craftter is amazing and looks classical in design. It has a wooden base for easy mount on any wall. The woods are high quality and look good as a bed lamp. 

  • High-quality lamp.
  • Beautiful handmade shade.
  • Perfect for bedroom/living room/desk.
  • Can be used for gifting purposes.

5. Aloysia 12W Smart WiFi Downlight

Aloysia 12W Smart WiFi Downlight

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It is one of the best dim lights for the bedroom by Aloysia. Here you can dim light brightness as per need/mood from 5% to 100%. You can simply control it through your smartphone just by using Alexa and Google Home App. If you are using Android then download the Google Home app in the play store and the same for iOS users. Anyone can easily turn it On and Off without getting up from the bed. 

  • Controlling with your mobile.
  • Set brightness level according to need.
  • Best dim control light.
  • Quality product.
  • Top smart light option.
  • Any color, match color with the wall, curtain, or anything in your room.

6. Wall Hanging Dim Lamp for Bedroom

Wall Hanging Dim Lamp for Bedroom

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A great wall hanging light by Imperial Brand. It comes with a wooden base that gives it an attractive look. You can easily use it on your bedroom wall. 

  • Good quality.
  • Romantic and attractive look.
  • Great for decorative, outdoor, and indoor uses. 

7. Balance Lamp Magnetic LED Night Light

Balance Lamp Magnetic LED Light

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This night lamp has won many awards for its creative design. It is a magnetic LED night light made of two magnetic balls. When you lift the ground ball near the above one, it will attract and turn on the light automatically. It has used high-quality material and wood to make its frame. The design of this dim night is so attractive. And the best thing is, you can give power to it with your mobile charger. All it needs is a USB cable to turn it On. 

  • Unique design.
  • Cool and attractive lights.
  • High-quality night lamp.

8. Spa Roses Romantic Lamp Auto On/Off Sensor

romantic lamp dim light

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Attractive, affordable (less price around Rs 300), and quality, all you can find in this romantic lamp. It is an automatic light. It gets turn On if there is complete darkness in your room and if there is any light/sunlight/bulb then it gets automatically turn Off. This is one of the best, small, and cute soft lights. 

  • Dim soft night light.
  • Automatically turn On/Off.
  • Compact in design.

9. 16 Colors RGB Led Moon Light

16 Colors Led Moon Light

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This moonlight lamp by Onpoint Brand is totally automatic. It can be controlled either by hand touch or remotely. Time setting is also given in this light, so it will be automatically after your set time. You can achieve 16 colors with help of a remote. 

  • Automatic time settings.
  • 16 beautiful color lights.
  • Blue moon, full moon, super moon, all in one.

10. Night Star Light Lamp Projector

Night Star Light Lamp Projector

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This is a starlight projector that can create a very cool and romantic environment in your bedroom. It can be used for your kid’s room to fill with stars and moonlights. This night star projector has eight colors to change according to mood. It also has a rotating function and can rotate 360 degrees. You can use it either by batteries or by plug in the USB cable. 

  • Best dim light for bedroom.
  • Light for Kid’s playroom and living room.
  • Attractive and beautiful star lights.

These were the best dim lights for bedrooms in India in 2023. These listed dim lights for room are top in quality and that’s why our team has added them here. Load Writers team only adds the best products after many hours of analysis and research about the product. 

Editor’s Choice:-

Hope you have selected one of them, if not then check again about the 2nd (Chandelier Jhumar Shape String Night Lights – for classical) and 5th (Aloysia 12W Smart WiFi Downlight – for smart light). These two are the best dim lights for the bedroom according to need on the basis of classical or smart night light.

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