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What is the Name and Age of Parle-G Biscuit Girl?

Name and Age of Parle-G Biscuit Girl

Now you can find a lot of biscuits in the Market. But once Parle-G used to be the king of all biscuits and no one was there near to it. Still, it is the most-sold biscuit in India.

You have seen a baby girl on the cover of the parle g biscuit. Do you want to know “what is the name and age of the Parle-G girl” or who is the girl in a parle-g biscuit?

Just for Girls/Women:-

Is that photo on the parle biscuit wrapper of a real girl or just a man-made image? What is the reality behind the cover photo of the biscuit Parle-G? Here in this article, you can know all about the girl of parle-g biscuit? 

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Name and Age of Parle-G Girl

There are rumors that many females are the girl of Parle-G but three (Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy, and Gunjan Gandania) were the most famous female to be claimed as the biscuit wrapper girl. Especially Neeru Deshpande is the most claimed woman. According to many sources, the name of the parle-g girl is Neeru Deshpande and she is around 73 years old now (so far 2023). The birthday of her is 19 August 1950. But in reality, she is not the parle-g cover girl. 

parle g girl Neeru Deshpande

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Then who is the baby girl of parle-g biscuit?

According to the product manager of the parle biscuit Mayank Shah, the baby girl on the cover of the parle biscuit is not a real girl. The Mayank Shah denied all rumors for Neeru Deshpande and other females. 

He said the baby girl in the parle-g wrapper is just an illustration (man-made picture). The baby picture is made by Maganlal Daiya in the 1960s. And this way the true identity of the parle-g biscuit cover girl revealed.

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Facts You Don’t Know About Parle-G

Parle is one of the most famous cookies in the world including India. It is one of the oldest biscuit brands in the world. There are many facts you should know about this biscuit:-

  • The parle products company was started with confectionary sweets in 1929. 
  • It was established in the location of Vile Parle in Mumbai. So the word “Parle” belongs to the location. 
  • The biscuit was known as “Parle-Gluco” till 1980. So, the “G” stands for Glucose. Also “G” is famous for Genius.
  • The company started making biscuits after 10 years of its establishment in 1939. 
  • It is India’s first FMCG brand (fast-moving consumer goods) to go beyond Rs 5000 crore in retail sales. FMCG are those products that are relatively low price and sold very quickly.

So, this was some interesting information and facts about Parle-G biscuit. Hope, now it is clear who is the girl on the parle-g wrapper, or what is the name and age of that girl, or the real identity of that girl.

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