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7 Best Leather Jacket Brands for Men {2023}

A branded leather jacket makes your outfit comfortable and stylish and will always enhance your personality. Considering style, comfort, quality, leather type, and other required features we have listed the 7 best leather jacket brands for Men in India.

A leather jacket provides so much attitude, style, heritage, and masculinity in men’s personalities.

A men’s checkroom must have some stylish leather jacket. If you are going for a bike ride or attending a party then these types of jackets will enhance your personality. 

Usually, a leather jacket is costly in price. But when you consider fitting, style, and quality then a leather jacket is worth an investment, especially for the winter season. 

A good brand leather jacket ensures your jacket will be durable. Some of the best leather jackets for men last for a lifetime if keep in care properly. 

The design and quality of leather jackets are in such a way that they keep you warm in winter and protect you from the air. People usually wear it while riding bikes to protect themselves from the outside air. 

7 Best Leather Jacket Brands for Men

Leather jackets are a great outfit for men to enhance their personality. Every man should have a branded leather jacket in his wardrobe. So, here we have mentioned some of the best men’s leather jacket brands. Below are the 7 best leather jacket brands for men in India:

U.S. Polo Assn. (USPA)

U.S. Polo Association is one of the biggest brands selling leather jackets in many countries through online, independent stores, and retail stores. This brand was initially started in the USA but soon spread throughout the world in around more than 175 countries. The leather clothes of this brand are usually preferred by sportsmen. 


Noora International is one of the leading brands of real leather jackets. This brand design clothes for better fitting and manufactures products that can last for years. Noora jackets are warm and stylish. They provide the best products for their customers. 


Generic clothing company provides high-quality leather jackets. It is a very good brand for formal outfits. This brand is leading in durable clothing manufacturing. 

Teakwood Leathers

Teakwood Leathers provides a genuine and classic range of leather products for their customers. They especially manufacture products of leather, such as jackets, wallets, belts, watches, and many more. 

Leather Museum

Leather Museum is a good brand in India that provides the best leather jackets at low prices. Their products are comfortable and stylish. 

C Comfort

C Comfort is one of the leading brands for manufacturing leather products in India. They provide top-quality leather jackets. Their jackets are designed and crafted by their specialist. They guarantee to provide supreme quality leather products. 

Leather Retail

Leather retail provides trendy and stylish jackets. This brand gives Faux leather which is also known as vegan leather. The prices of their products are not much. Their faux leather jackets are associated with strength, authority, and elegance. 

These were the 7 best leather jacket brands in India for men. If you are looking for a leather jacket then selecting one of the above would be a great choice. These listed leather jacket brands have quality and durability with style.