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11 Best Space Toys in India {2023}

Best Space/Astronomy Toys

Astronomy and space attract a new generation of kids. Space or astronomy-related toys help kids to think beyond and grow their mental ability. 

With space technology growing fast all over the world including India, kids as well as adults looking to explore more about it. Some specific toys help the child to grow their thoughts, and space toys are one of them.

So, if you are looking for space toys/ astronomy toys/ astronomy gifts/ rocket toys/ planets toys, or any other space-related gifts or toys, then you can find here the best ones. There below you will find the 11 best space toys for kids in India. 

Here, this article will help to find the best space toys for your child in India in 2023.

11 Best Space/Astronomy Toys in India

1. Space Theme Birthday Balloons Decoration Kit

space toys for boys and girls

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These astronomy toys by Party Propz are for the decoration of kids’ rooms or can be used for the birthday party. It has 60pcs of space toys for boys and girls. It has astronaut balloons in large and small sizes, rocket toys, planet toys, stars balloons, and moon balloons of high quality with premium design.

2. Outer Space Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle

astronomy puzzle toy buy on amazon

It has a 60pcs solar system jigsaw floor puzzle to provide educational value with play. This solar system puzzle toy has all the planets with spacecraft, rockets, sun, and moon. It also comes with double side flashcards.

3. Shifu Orboot Mars – Space Toy for Boys and Girls

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This space toy by Shifu Orboot is a must-have toy for space enthusiasts. It is one of the best astronomy toys for 6-year-olds to 12-year-olds. This toy can be operated by your iPad, Android, or Apple phone. It also comes with a 2D puzzle and a detailed help guide for kids. 

4. Genius Box Learning Planes and Rockets DIY Toys

rocket shuttle buy on amazon

This toy by Genius Box can enhance your child’s skills, like creativity development, logical thinking, motor skills, language development, and many more. These educational plane and rocket toys are useful for 5-year-olds to 10-year-olds boys and girls. 

5. Explore Universe Space Theme Tent House

space toy gift buy on amazon

It is a Space Theme tent house by the Toyshine brand. This is one of the best-rated space and universe theme toys in India. This astronomy toy on Amazon is best suited for 2 to 10-year-old kids. The quality of this playhouse space toy is awesome.

6. Smartivity Space Rocket STEM Toy

rocket toy made in India buy on amazon

This space rocket toy by Smartivity brand for kids 6 to 14 is made in India and has great customer reviews. It is an educational and construction-based DIY fun activity. This toy is trusted by parents and children in many countries including India.

7. Musical Dancing Space Duck Toys for Kids

 best space toysbuy on amazon

This space duck toy is for early educational development in your kids. It has bright colors and a cool space design. This musical dancing toy could be a good astronomy gift for kids. It can enhance your baby’s motor skills surely.

8. Fancy Dresses Space Astronaut Costume

 astronaut toy Indiabuy on amazon

This space-fancy dress for boys and girls is suitable for 3-year-olds to 12-year-olds according to the selection of sizes on Amazon. It is a wonderful astronaut costume and your kid would love it.

9. Smartivity Space Shooter STEM DIY Fun Toys

space shooter buy on amazon

This space shooter’s STEM DIY fun toy is best suitable for 6 to 14-year-old kids. It could be the best gift for kids who is interested in astronomy. These are made in India space toys and if any part miss, you will get free on-demand.

10. Night Light Lamp Projector for Kids and Adult

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This is a night light lamp projector by the Chocozone brand. This astronomy gift toy is best suitable for adults as well as kids. The light and colors of stars and moon look awesome in a room.

11. Mapology Solar System Puzzle for Boys and Girls

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This is a solar system puzzle toy. It can be used for kids above 4 years old. This Mapology astronomy toy can enhance your kid’s skills while playing games at home.  This Imagimake brand space puzzle toy is one of the best-rated and most popular space toys among kids.

So, these were the 11 best space toys in India in 2023. Hope you have got one for your special kid. These space gift toys are always in demand and a favorite for today’s smart boys and girls.

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