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20+ Best New Gifts for Boyfriend {2023}

Are you searching for some new gifts for your boyfriend in 2023? Then let me assure you, you are going to get here the 20 best-listed gifts for your boyfriend

Believe it or not, searching for gifts is joyful but selecting one is hectic. And for a girl, selecting the best gift for her lover is always been tough because usually, they think a lot. A girl always wants to give more to her lover. 

So, as a girl, you first ask yourself “what type of gift are you searching, for your boyfriend”? Are you looking for any occasion, such as a gift on valentine or a birthday gift? Though there could be much reason to give a gift to your young man. And it becomes very easy to find a gift if you know what exactly are you looking for. But on occasions, you get confused about it, especially when you want to make him feel special.  

So don’t worry ladies, here we are for you! We will present to you with the best gifts for your boyfriend here. 

While purchasing a present you want to consider the price also, so here we have added gifts for your boyfriend only under Rs 5000 in 2023. But here are also some awesome gifts available under 500 rupees, under 1000, and under the Rs 2000 category. Though when two people are in love, every gift becomes priceless. 

So below we have added some categories of gifts for boyfriends, you may like to select one of them. These categories are according to occasion and situation. If you are looking for anything specific, let us know in the comment section. Else then you go through our lists:

Special Gifts for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend always cares about you. He reminds you how beautiful you are. He takes care of your happiness. So when he is loving you unconditionally, why don’t you select some special gift for him? Isn’t he special for you! Of course, he is. 

So let’s take a look at some special gifts for your boyfriend in India. 

1. Boyfriend-Girlfriend or Couple Wooden Alphabet LED Lamp

An idea to choose a gift that describes your bond or relationship. How about a wooden Led Lamp of a quite big size letter written of your and your boyfriend’s name. It is one of the perfect gifts if your boyfriend is going to be your husband soon. If he is not your husband yet, it may be not cool, but it’s something a special gift you can give to your boyfriend. The brand “Apna Photo” made such gifts. You can customize the name or words, and read the review for their best deliveries of such an amazing gift. You can also message them on Whatsapp before purchasing the gift. Check it below:-

Wooden Alphabet LED Lamp

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2. Urban Forest Oliver Black Leather Wallet & Card Case

Your boyfriend must be spending money for you, isn’t he! Why don’t you look for a traditional gift like a wallet? Selecting a branded gift at a low price would be an awesome gift for him. Here we have added one of the most-rated wallets in India as a gift for your man in 2023. A leather wallet by the “Urban Forest” brand would be a special present for him. It comes with a leather card case for men. Check it below:- 

Leather Wallet & Card Case gift

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3. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

You know most boys love watches and being fit with the body. Then this may be a time of smart-watch that would help him to be fit. This smartwatch by the “Noise” brand is one of the awesome gifts for your boyfriend. It comes with 10 days of battery life and it is a full health tracking touch device. It covers all your activities with its 9 sports modes, whether you walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, or perform yoga. Check it below:-

Full Touch Control Smart Watch gift

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Thoughtful gifts for boyfriend

A thoughtful gift is always meant by memory. Any type of memory related to your boyfriend could lead to select the best gift for him. A memory life, where you met the first time. Suppose you met in school, then a gift presenting a school with two loving students would be priceless, I guess. Or suppose you met on a train, then a gift related to train, wouldn’t be a bad idea to select a gift for him. A thoughtful gift can also have a category like “a painting gift”, “idol gifts” “statue gifts”, or “whatever that make you think”. 

So choosing the best thoughtful gift depends on you, but here we also have helped you by adding some thoughtful gifts for your boy. You may like one of these:

4. CraftVatika Horse Statue Good Luck Gift

You must be wanted good luck with your BF. Of course, every girl wants. So here is the gift that gives him good luck and a bright future wish. A horse statue by “CraftVatika” can be used as a decorative or showpiece gift at home and the statue looks so mesmerizing. The plus point is, it is quite big to attract anyone’s attention. Check it here:-

Horse Statue Good Luck Gifts for Boyfriendbuy on amazon

5. Love GF-BF Statue showpiece Idol Scooter Gift Set

This is a gift for a couple, but I believe your relationship is beyond the world. Then why don’t you give this beautiful gift to your boyfriend? A scooter gift set by the “BS Handicrafts” brand is a romantic gift for your BF. This gonna make your life memorable after marriage. Check it here:-

Love GF-BF Statuebuy on amazon

6. Two Moustaches Brass Three Musketeers Monkey Set

You are looking for a thoughtful gift for your BF in India under reasonable price and did not check this. What could be more thoughtful than “Three Monkeys”. “Say no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. This is a special occasion gift for your loved one. These Three Musketeers Monkeys are made of Brass material and can be used for many purposes, such as showcase, home decoration, and at the office desk. Check it below:-

Three Musketeers Monkey Set gift

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Romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend

Are you thinking “what can you gift your boyfriend to make him feel special”? Then nothing could be better than a romantic birthday gift. If I am right! A romantic gift can change the mood and situation of celebration. And if you are planning a gift for your boyfriend’s birthday then these gifts are awesome to make everything in your favor. 

Though you know your boyfriend better, here we have also added some of the best gifts for your handsome man for his birthday.

7. 3D Love Balloon Happy Birthday Design Night Lamp 

What could be more romantic than lovely happy birthday wishes with some pure lights from your loved one? This 3D Illusion Love Balloon by “UKANI” is such a romantic gift that has the power to change the situation of a birthday party into a love party. The Happy birthday night lamp has 7 changing colors. Its size is just like an ideal gift (only 3 inches). Check it below:-

Happy Birthday Design Night Lamp

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8. Silver Coin 10 Grams Happy Birthday Gift

If your BF love jewelry then this coin would be a perfect birthday gift for him. The best thing about jewelry is they kept being safe for years, and so your memories with it. This silver coin is just 10 grams in weight and made by brand “Ananth Jewels”. It is BIS Hallmarked silver that is recommended for quality purposes. You will receive it in a well-packed box like a gift. Check it below for this lovely item:-

Silver Coin 10 Grams Happy Birthday Gift

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9. Love Quote on Red Cushion with Cover Birthday Gift 

No need to describe this one, it already looks amazing just like a lovely relationship. “I Love You Forever and Ever” quote is written on this pillow/cushion. This red cushion would be a very romantic gift for your boyfriend. Usually, girls give these types of gifts on some special occasions, such as on valentine’s day or birthdays. You can check it here:-

Love Quote on Red Cushion

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10. European Electroplated Ceramic Romantic Love 

A thoughtful and romantic gift by the brand “LuvBells” is going to make your boyfriend’s birthday memorable. It is a handmade item and has used high-quality ceramics. This very charming and beautiful statue can also be useful for home decoration. The combination of White and Silver colors makes life no longer tedious and can add a comfortable feeling to your BF. Check it below:-


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11. Love Story Romantic Love Cards for Birthday Gifts

You are searching for a romantic gift without even considering traditional ways! Not a good idea to make your BoyFriend feel special on his birthday. You silly girl, use the love cards…nothing is more romantic than love quotes on a lovely card. These cards are very less in price but give priceless values for the “lovebirds”. Check here the cute and romantic set of love cards:- 

Love Story Romantic Love Cards

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Creative gifts for boyfriend

Creative gifts can change the whole situation. Only a few girls think about some special and creative gifts for their boyfriend. Creative gifts are like that make him think like “what is this!”, you know what a creative gift may be funny too. 

So if your relationship is quite strong, you can give a creative gift to your boyfriend in India. It is generally between a funny couple or boyfriend-girlfriend. It is like giving a single rupee gift in a big box filled with lovely stones. As the name suggests, you can create these creative gifts at home. All you need some other helping material for it. Here we have added some ideas with items that might help you to select the best gifts for your boyfriend

12. Wood Glass Acrylic Personalised LED Lamp

If you are looking for an awesome creative gift for your boyfriend then this acrylic personalized LED lamp is best suitable for you. It comes with a remote but you can change 16 colors manually and 4 colors automatically. This 3D night light by brand “DESIGN ELLE” provides a feeling of a totally new and creative gift. You can write a message or love quote about what you want on this lamp with your customized photo. All you have to message on WhatsApp on the given number. Check this lamp below:- 

Wood Glass Acrylic Personalised LED Lamp

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13. OddClick Gift for Girlfriend Boyfriend Cushion Cover

The quote printed on this cushion is something that a girlfriend-boyfriend wants if your boyfriend lives farther from you. It is a long-distance relationship gift so the cover of this cushion is beautifully printed with “Long Distance Hug for You”. You can also check another size of it, mentioned in the product description.

Gift for Girlfriend Boyfriend Cushion

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14. Clay Craft Masala Chai, Coffee, Milk Cup

Do you want your BF should smile on moring? Then let me assure you of a creative gift here. The texts were written on it make him smile/laugh just in the morning. Don’t you think, it is one of the best creative gift for your boyfriend. The quote/message printed on this cup is a new and creative idea to gift someone special. “You must check it if you are looking for something creative gift for him”. Check it here:-

Clay Craft Masala Chai Cup

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15. Coffee & Tea Mug for Inspiration – Perfect Gift for Boyfriend

Here is another gift related to a cup or mug, but this one shows love and care. The quotes are written on it perfectly awesome and for inspiration. This gift is very low in price but the message on it gives very high value with a cup of loving tea. “You are amazing, just the way you are”, is one of the best motivational quotes you can read in the morning to make your all-day amazing. Check it below:-

coffee & Tea Mug for Inspiration

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A unique gift for boyfriend

Everyone wants something unique gifts. As uniqueness makes memory. Think about what can be a unique gift for him to make him feel special as well as happy for the moment. You know a general gift that is useful in daily can also be a unique gift because nowadays people do not select these types of gifts. Anything that helps your BF would be a unique gift, I guess! You can choose some below-mentioned gift for him:

16. Crystals Gem Stone Good Luck Energy Bracelet

If you think the bracelet is not a unique gift, then what about his one! It is just not a normal bracelet, it has 7 chakras. The 7 Chakra natural reiki crystals gemstone that would give positive energy and good luck to your BF. The 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet gives endless benefits and would keep your chakras open and healthy. It is just simple but a unique gift for your boyfriend. Check it here:- 

Good Luck Energy Braceletbuy on amazon

17. BAJAJ VACCO Automatic Chapati or Roti Maker 

You may be thinking this not a boyfriend-type gift, aren’t you! Well, that’s why it is a unique gift miss. Most of the boyfriend lives farther from their home because of their study or job. Here we have listed an automatic electric chapati or roti maker, and it will cook rotis automatically for your lazy (lovely) boyfriend. So if your handsome BF cooks his own food then this gift would give him real happiness. Check it here:-

Automatic Chapati or Roti Maker

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18. Milton Thermosteel 24 Hours Hot and Cold Water Bottle

If your Boyfriend uses a normal water bottle, then this Milton water bottle would be a unique and helpful gift for him. This is one of the best-rated bottles. This bottle is leakproof and could retain water hot or cold for 24 hours. It is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 1000 ml, though you can select others according to your need. Size and color variation is given. Check it below:- 

Hot and Cold Water Bottle 24 hrs

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19. Leather Wallet Keychain and Pen Combo for Boyfriend

It is not unique but a traditional gift set. Your boyfriend might like it as nowadays people do not give these types of helpful gifts. It is less in price and all are branded products by “Wildhorn”. It is made of 100% genuine leather and an ideal combo set gift for men and boys. Check it on Amazon:-

Leather Wallet Keychain and Pen Combo for Boyfriend

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20. Furnish Craft Steel Glass Wall Mirror

Don’t you think a mirror could be a unique gift! But this one surely is an awesome gift. This steel glass wall mirror by brand “Furnish Craft” is a beautiful gift with a golden leaf design. There may be one problem with this, if you give this gift to your boyfriend he might always look at his own face into this instead of yours. So buy this beautiful gift at your own risk (just kidding…). Check here this beautiful gift for a handsome face:- 

Furnish Craft Steel Glass Wall Mirror

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So here I have completed the list of 20 best gifts for Boyfriend in 2023. Should I tell you, which one I would recommend! Then according to me 5th, 10th, and 14th are really awesome (you must check it again on Amazon).

Well, you may have liked all or few or none (at any chance). But if at any chance you did not select any of the above-mentioned gifts, then go for here all presents on amazon: All types of Gifts on Amazon.

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