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How to write SEO friendly articles

write seo friendly articles

You want to write SEO friendly articles for your new website. Writing and ranking on google for a new website neither so easy nor tough. 

After writing and applying all knowledge about the topic, you are in doubt of “is your post going to be rank on google or not”?  

You may have some ideas for the first few posts but soon you’ll find it difficult for writing articles that are SEO friendly. 

Don’t worry, it all happens with the new bloggers and websites. When I started writing for one of my new websites, I did all my best and write the first 25 posts with the proper research in 4 months. I write posts that were much better than existing posts on those keywords. Most of my posts didn’t rank even in 100, at that time. 

Do you think, my posts were not SEO friendly?

No. My posts started ranking soon after a year when I updated it. It happens because I had written SEO-Optimised articles. Though as my website was new at the time it did not get its value. But soon I was at a high level for that new website. 

Therefore, by writing SEO friendly articles, your posts can be ranked tomorrow if not today. It is very important for a new website to write such posts that can rank faster and better.

Here in this article, I have shared how to write SEO friendly articles for a new website, through all my learning and experience. 

How to write SEO friendly articles

Some of the tips are given here to help a new blogger/writer, to write better content and SEO friendly articles. Maybe you know some of it already, but reading all tips and applying them in your blogs must improve your organic ranking.

Think and decide on a topic

First and foremost, keep in mind that you can write better. Writing skill comes with experience, so if you are new with blogging/writing, it may look tough at first but going to be better soon, all you need to think and learn as much as you can.

If you do not have hired any writer and you do it own, you must think about tomorrow. If you do not write any news article. It would be beneficial if you want to write something that the reader would like to read even after years. 

News and trending articles focus on the present but if you want an article to stay long on google, then you must have to think and smartly decide the topic. 

Ask below mentioned two questions to yourself before writing about any topic. Because these two general questions are going to be the main factor for getting traffic on your article. 

  1. Would users or readers like it?
  2. Would google like it? 

Whatever the reason may be, you must think about tomorrow/future. 

Before writing about any random topic you must research something about it, at a point of SEO. Do not waste your time writing a post that is good and totally SEO-friendly, but readers do not read such topics. 

Put your topic on the google search and check if you are finding such articles on this topic or not. If there is too much content on google about it, it’s a good chance to find many readers but it would also be difficult to rank for new websites. So better to take a topic that enough readers with low or medium difficulties to rank. 

Research some specific keywords for that topic

After finding a topic to write, you should just not start writing. A good topic can be a good keyword for that article. 

For better SEO friendly articles you should also focus on sub-keywords on that topic. Search at least 4-5 sub-keywords and mention it in your articles with planning. 

You can use google keyword planner for searching keywords and sub-keywords for a topic. Here in 1st image showing the data of main keywords, and in 2nd image, it shows relevant keywords that are the sub-keywords for that specific topic.

google keyword plan

google keyword planner

Sometimes google does not rank your article for main keywords instead of sub-keywords. So we must focus on sub-keywords also. 

To write a good SEO friendly articles for your new website, first put the main keywords and use every sub-keywords periodically after some specific paragraphs. 

User/reader engagement 

Google is here, only for its user. Every product or brand is known because of its user. So for a good article, user engagement must be considered as a main point of view to get rank. 

Google ranks and prioritizes the websites that have good user engagements. So writing an article that can increase the user engagement on your website is one of the best ways to get rank on google and other search engines. 

To write such articles you must focus on some below point:

  • Order and sequence, 
  • Use relevant information,
  • Improve readability,
  • Complete the topic,
  • Easy and customized structure,
  • Use examples,
  • Conclude the topic, if necessary. 

I can not cover all the ways to engage a user or reader in your blog posts. But make it a note that “engagement increases the benefits directly or indirectly”. 

Use proper headings H1, H2, H3

Use proper heading for writing a good SEO friendly articles. To make it easy for Google bots to rank your article, use properly these headings in your post. 

H1 heading should be used once for your main article title. H2 headings should use for other main headings and do not use for more than 2-3 times. 

H3 could be used for sub-headings of H2. H4 for subheadings of H3. Else H4 and H5 can also be used for making words bold and SEO friendly. 

All in one heading are for making the article easy to read. So increasing readability is also a good factor for user engagement and SEO optimized content. 

Keywords in title and meta description

To Write SEO Friendly Articles for a New Website the main title and meta description of the content matters to rank. 

If you are writing on WordPress, some plugins are really helpful for optimizing your content to the SEO point of view. One of the best WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast SEO

This plugin helps to optimize many features while writing SEO friendly articles including title and meta description. 

The length of the title and meta description matters for writing the best content. The length of the title should be near to 50 to 60 characters, whereas meta description length is around 150 to 160 characters are better for the SEO point of view in google. 

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin in WordPress

Use images with alt text in your article

A good user engagement article is the best way to get rank high. Finding high organic traffic and making your users engaged with the article is only possible with the proper images. 

The alt text for images is the text that the search engine reads to rank it. Using images in articles without an alt text tag is like taking a shower without a shop or shampoo. 

So make it clear to search engine bots to find your image, then do not forget to use alt tag text in your articles. 

Use other post’s keyword and Interlink it

If you are writing for a topic that you have already written about on your website, then use the keyword or sub-keyword as a text in your article and interlink to that specific text. 

Also, use the interlink to the related text on your articles. Internal links to your own website make your article SEO optimized.

So write the words intensionally of the previous posts to make an internal link. But use the word carefully and properly while considering user intention.  

Cover the topic with the proper length

To write SEO friendly articles on your website, research the length (word limit) of the already ranked website. Well the quality and originality matter more than the length of the article, still you can not ignore the importance of the length.

You should write enough words to cover the main keyword topic properly. While considering the length, you must focus on the topic to cover it with all relevant pieces of information. 

So these were some important tips to write SEO friendly articles for a new website. Though ranking on a search engine depends on many factors including writing an SEO optimized article. 

Comment, if you want to ask something or want to give some other missed important tips regarding SEO optimized content. 

All the best for your new way to write articles for your websites or blog.  

If you find this article helpful to you and can also be beneficial for others, share it with them.