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Quotes for how to Move On from the Past

Everyone here seems so joyful in their life, but deep inside there is a secret of memories. As we know, memories may be bad or good. But some memories are so harsh that people want to move on from it. Here in this article, we have added some “quotes for how to move on from the past”. 

Before going for some quotes, I recommend reading all the whole articles carefully. Moving on to your memories or on past experiences depends on the present situation. 

Some people are too young and they overthink something. Why don’t you accept that you have just started your life and there is still a lot to see in life. 

Move on from past memories

Except crying for mistakes or whatever incident happens in the past, just think it was a part of your life, and the role of that part is over. So go ahead if you want to experience other rest parts of life or stop here now, cry and leave the world, Move On… you-rock. No reason to carry past shit. 

You know what, time never stops and it always runs forward. Give it a chance, leave your past where it exists, and start a new way of life. Everything will be ok just in a few days, all you have to do stop carrying your past life-parts.

You must have experienced something great in your past time, but why don’t you understand that past is over now, that time is over now. Here is going to happen something new. 

No matter it was good or bad- it’s over now

Maybe it doesn’t seem good but it is what that is happening with the present and you have to embrace it. Maybe your future will be affected by the past deed but you can not change it. The only way to make yourself happy now is to think that you can not carry your past. Because the past is a time that no longer exists. No matter how bad or good that was, that has been ended now. You have to move on or let it go. It (the memories) was yours but it does not belong to you anymore. 

Now it is time to catch a new experience, these experiences may be good or bad. No one knows. All you have to experience your new future journey while living in present. Catch and enjoy the other parts of your life. 

Move on in life quotes

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#1 “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” So enjoy your gift/present. – Bill Keane

quotes to move on

#2 “The past is never where you think you left it.” – Katherine Anne Porter

#3 “You can not start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” So move on from your last chapter, read the new one that might be more interesting. 

#4 “You know you are on the right track, only when you know you do not need to look back. Keep looking forward.” 

#5 “The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.” – Alan Moore

#6 “Don’t be a prisoner of your past.“

#7 “Being stuck in the past is like walking forward with your back facing the front. You will always miss out on what is in front of you.” 

#8 “Don’t regret your past, it is a tool to learn from it. Use is, learn it, and move on.” 

#9 “Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.” – Cindy Cashman

#10 “You can’t master your future if you are still a slave to your past.” 

So these were some quotes for how to move on from the past. Still, I would say Your past memories or experience was a part of your life, and it is over now. That past can not be forever with you, or whatever happened it’s done now. You also let it go, because that time is already gone. Accept it and move on.

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