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What is Google Search Console? Why use?

what is google search console

Google search console is a web service tool provided by Google. The search console tool helps to improve your website in search engines. It is used to known as the Google webmaster tool. 

Search console will help your website or blog to find in google search engine and make it easier to rank. Google console analyze your traffic performance, your search data, your internal and external linking data, and issues on your website. Overall it will help you to monitor and rank your website in google search engine. 

Search console is an essential tool to understand properly for SEO reasons for your site. We will cover everything about this tool of Google, but in this article, we only have mentioned about “what is google search console” and how it is helpful for your website, especially for your new website. So this article is very essential for those who have created a new website or want to know “why to use google search console?”. 

Why use Google search console

Here are some following points for that search console help to our websites:

Website performance

By using this tool you can analyze your website performance. In the performance section, you can find how many impressions and clicks your website is getting. It will show the data on every page of your website or blog. 

Here you can check the performance report for any period of time. It will also show the average position of your article is ranking on the google page. Google search console performance report will also show the image ranking data of your website. 

search console performance

Website URL inspection

If your website is new, it gets difficult to rank on google, and sometimes google will not even try to search it. And if you write any new article it will not be shown on google pages. 

So by using the Google search console’s URL inspection method, you can force Google-bot to search it and rank it. All you have to do to copy-paste your article’s URL in this section and do one-time ‘request indexing’. In this way, google will save and index your article’s URL, and rank accordingly.  

Valid and pages with issues

One benefit of using a search console is, it will tell about which pages of your website are valid and which pages have some specific issues. It will show the errors if any page is not valid. Valid and error behavior can be shown in indexing data, mobile usability data, site links search box data, many more. 

Search console will help you to find which page has errors, and what types of errors. By finding it you can troubleshoot the error and other page related issues. It will also troubleshoot indexing related and device-related issues. 

Internal and external linking

From the SEO point of view, it is very important to understand the linking benefits of the website. In the Google search console data, we can find and analyze how many internal and external links are given to our website. Check here: Udemy SEO Course and Ecommerce Comparison   

Google console also shows which website has linked your website as a backlink. How many backlinks you have got through some specific websites.

So, these were some benefits to use the Google search console. These reasons help to make your new website a great one.

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