6 Important Parts of A Beautiful Website You should do in 2021

parts of a beautiful website

“6 Important parts of a beautiful website you should do in 2021 & beyond”.

We all know the value of a website in this digital age. This is like your online showroom which is open and accessible to your online audience throughout the year. 

Thus for a business owner, a website has immense value. It helps generate revenue in your business.

But, do all websites can generate revenue? 

NOPE. It mostly depends upon the way you represent your brands and communicate with your audience on your website.

And not all website on the web has this capability.

So, I am going to point out the top 6 parts of a beautiful website that everyone should follow while creating their website. 

Let me introduce myself, I am Manoj Maity, an SEO expert in Bangalore cum web designer, having experience over 5 years till now.

To start designing our website we have to understand the six main parts of a beautiful website

Six important parts of a beautiful website

So, here are the six important parts that can help to create a beautiful website, and believe me these things matter a lot to give the website a great design. 

  1. Background
  2. Header Structure
  3. Navigation
  4. Content
  5. Container
  6. Call to Action

#1 Background

You must consider the background for your website. Color or image consistency is the goal. Each page should look like part of a whole. So you’re looking for unity throughout your whole website. We don’t want a website where you click on each page and it looks like you’re on a different site. 

You want your buttons to remain where they are in your navigation. You want to be able to get to the home page from every screen and the background is a consistent part of your website so the better once you decide on your background it should remain the same throughout your whole site. 


#2 Header Structure

The header structure is important not only to present a clear structure of a web page but also in consideration of using text readers in search engines ( also called search engine crawler ). So you have to think of your heading H1 is the largest, H2 is the second-largest you might use that for subheadings. H3 might use that for you know maybe some different wording in your paragraphs. There are also H4, H5, H6.

So remember when we are dealing with website design and search engines and text readers our text needs to be clear and organized in a very precise way. It helps search engines to better understand your content.

So what is a header?

Header tags are used to define the headings on your page. There are six available ( H1 to H6 ). H1 set up tags being the biggest and the boldest in h6 being the smallest. You should use them as if you are writing a book or an article not to highlight your text within the article. 

The size color and other presentation attributes of these tags can be changed on your CSS style sheet just as you change your text. 

When you use your header tag, it will automatically add the space above and below your text and automatically start your text on the next available line. 


#3 Navigation

Speaking of navigation. Navigation is the way people move around your website. So navigation must be created so that traffic can view all your pages on your site. Navigation must be created either horizontally or vertically.

It should be easy to read and consistent on every page throughout the website. So if you decide on your home page that you want your navigation going down the left then it stays down the left throughout your whole website. You don’t put it on the left on one page and across the top or at the bottom on another page. It stays where you initially put it.


#4 Content

Content is King in the online world. All the pages of your site will include easy to read, appropriate content. Content will include copy or text images, buttons, or links. 

Your copy should be written, proofread, and spell-checked before publishing on your website. Remember, we want to provide a professional portfolio website for our audience, so make sure that you have these. 


#5 Container

A container is what every website includes. It holds everything including your header, your navigation in your content.


#6 Form or Other CTA

CTA is called a call to action. If your website visitor doesn’t take any action on your website, all your effort may go in vain. So, you ask them to take a certain action such as fill a form, visit a new page or download, or whatever.


To Sum up

So to recap every website that you come across will have a background image. The text and content will be organized in headers. You will have a banner, navigation and inside that website, the container holds it all together. Finally, add a proper CTA button. These are the 6 basic yet important parts of a beautiful website that you need to have to get success through your website. 

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