7 Best Gifts for Kids in India 1-10 Years 2021

best gifts for kids in india

“Even Santa would approve these listed 7 Best Gifts for Kids”.

If you have landed on this article, then you must be willing to search for the best gifts for Kids in India 2021. These listed gifts are suitable for kids who have age between 1 to 10 years.  

Considering the modern culture with beneficial features here we have added 7 best gifts for Indian kids (boys and girls) in 2021. Hope you and your child will like it. 

Top 7 Best Gifts for Kids in India

1. Fun English Learner Educational Laptop

Fun English Learner Educational Laptop

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Suitable for:- “2-8 years baby boys and girls”

While considering a kid’s education, fun, and modern culture this fun learner educational laptop is one of the best gifts you can give your boy or girl. 

This educational laptop by Techno Buzz has 5-6 stages of learning and could be best useful for 2-8 years old baby boys or girls. 

The laptop has a small screen that a kid will like and others full of learning stuff. Your little one can learn alphabets, words, musical notes, numbers, games, and pictures with help of this laptop.

It just uses batteries and easy to use “no worries, no hassles”. Now your baby also can do “work from home”.

2. Baby Garden Swing and Slide for Kids

Swing and Slide for Kids

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Suitable for:- “1 to 6 years old boys or girls”, “indoors and outdoors”.

This slide will promote your kid’s tactile sensing, practice their coordination ability, and improve their balanced capacity. If your kid is around 1 year then this could be a perfect gift for your baby.

This baby swing and slide is very safe and durable. It has a weight capacity of up to 20 kg, so would also be useful with a growing baby. 

This slide by Baybee gives a very smooth slide and offers easy to climb steps. You can fold it easily without tools for compact storage.

3. 3 Wheel Smart Kick Runner Skate Scooter

Kick Runner Skate Scooter

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Suitable for:- “2-14 years girl or boy child, weight capacity till 75 kg”, LED flashing wheels”. 

This smart runner skate scooter by Baybee could the best gift for your kid this year 2020. 

It has 4 gear that can adjust the height accordingly to your boy/girl convenience. One of the best things about this, it can be used by children of 2-14 years & has a weight capacity of 75 Kgs. That’s normally awesome. 

This kick runner scooter is smart and attractive with easy to access rear brake features. It also has a lock button and easy to fold for compact storage. 

4. Colorful and Attractive Learning House Toy

Learning House Toy

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Suitable for:- “best gift for 1-3 years old boys and girls, plays melodious music and tunes”.

This funny cottage educational toy by Smartcraft could be the best gift as well as a birthday or new year gift for your 1-3 years baby boy or girl.  

This learning gift toy for kids has counting beads, math toys, shape fitting toys, music organ toys, door opening games, rocker rotation games, shape guessing games, and many more. 

With lots of fun activities for your little one, it can help to develop motor skills, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, hearing skills, and many more improvements with fun and attractive colors, sound, and shapes.

5. Galaxy Kids Tricycle with Push Handle

Tricycle with Push Handle

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Suitable for:- “best Christmas gift for 1-5 years old boys and girls, weight capacity up to 25 kg”.

Here is the best gift that your kid surely gonna like it. This kids tricycle by Luvlap comes with many awesome features that every parent would want in their kid’s cycle. 

Some awesome features you can not ignore: adjustable seat, adjustable footrest, antislip pedals, front and rear storage basket, adjustable parent control push handlebar, safety handlebar, adjustable canopy with lock, rear wheels brake, and many more. 

This kid’s tricycle is certified as per European Standard EN 71 safety standards.

6. Educational Reality Based Globe, STEM Toy

Educational Reality Based Globe

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Suitable for:- “an ideal gift for 3-10 years old boys and girls, kids those spark their imagination and curiosity”.

If your kid like using smartphone/tablet then this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toy by ‘Shifu Orboot’ is going to be an ideal toy for your smart kid. 

This Orboot Globe is an ideal gift for kids, even Santa would have liked it. 

All you need to download Orboot App on your smartphone and this Globe. The app is available free on iOS and Android. Use your device to scan icons on the AR-powered globe, pick a category to explore, and learn.

It has 400+ highlights and 1000+ world facts across 6 categories with cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps, and weather for various countries.

7. 3D Lion Waterproof Kids Backpack

Lion Waterproof Kids Backpack

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Suitable for:- “lovely gift for 18 months to 5 years old boys and girls”.

Can you say, you didn’t like it at first sight? I wish I would have this at my school time. Believe me, this is one of the best gifts for kids in India, and everyone gonna love it. 

The backpack is made of non-toxic soft neoprene and customized materials. It is very lightweight, eco-friendly, waterproof, shockproof with a cute 3D design. 

It is easy to clean, waterproof, and washable with no fade in colors. 

This 3D lion waterproof kid’s school backpack by NOHOO can make your child unique in the class and help in getting early friendship.

So, these were the top 7 best gifts for kids in India suitable for ages 1 to 10 years in 2021. I believe your kids would love it. Also, check some below gifts your baby boy or girl may like. 

Conclusion:- Do you wanna know what was my favorite in these top 7 gifts for kids in India? Well, I would have chosen “Galaxy Kids Tricycle with Push Handle” (number 5), it is fun and awesome. But for the educational gift, I would have gone for Educational Reality Based Globe, STEM Toy (number 6), it can really improve knowledge.

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