Common Mistakes People Make When Moving

mistakes people make when moving

Let me start by saying that I am no master when it comes to moving, and I have made my fair share of mistakes over the years. Consequently, while making those mistakes, I have learned a lot as well. Here we have added a few common mistakes people make when moving and hope you will avoid them.  

Even though I am sure that I still have to learn plenty, I am optimistic that the following tips will help you decrease your moving expenditure and optimize your time and effort. One of the best things you can consider is planning before moving to another city/state/country. 

Plan Your Move

Abraham Lincoln once quoted that “if I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 sharpening my ax”. (Read Also:- Quotes for how to Move On from the Past)

Seeing that the man got things done, I am sure I do not need to argue why you should plan. Not just when it comes to moving, but especially when it comes to moving. Let me tell you what is going to happen if you don’t plan:

You will contact your moving company at the last minute, and they will charge you more because you are ‘last minute,’ even if they have an idle slot. Also, you will not be able to pack all of your belongings, and because you won’t be able to manage the time to pack, you will pay the moving company to pack your stuff as well, which will cost you more. The movers will rush your items, and some things may get left behind, which costs you more.

However, if you plan, you will enjoy favorable rates, stress-free move, and you will have all of your stuff at the end as well. Need I say more to call the Lincoln within you?

Things to Consider Before Packing Clothes and Boxes

I moved to Nevada last winter, and I had packed all of my clothes inside boxes. But I did not pack the boxes based on seasons, and I had no idea where the winter clothes or blankets were. Long story short, I went to the supermarket at 38 Fahrenheit, shivering in a floral shirt. Yeah, I know you think it’s not that cold, but I was shivering. Therefore, label boxes as you pack them and pack the winter clothes and blankets separately. They are the first things you will need in a cold new house.

Moreover, be sure to load your radiator at the end so that it is the first item off the truck, and you can start to warm your place while the moving company sets up your stuff.

Do not pack heavy items in large boxes

One of the most common mistakes people make when moving is they pack heavy items in large boxes. And add some other items in the same box. This makes the box heavier. So you must pack heavy items in small boxes to make your relocating easy.

Avoid Moving on Snowy Roads

Snow on the road causes delays, and delays cost money. I know you’ll be thinking that “I have no control over the weather,” and I will ask, “have you heard of the snow dance?” I know you cannot control the weather. It would be foolish of me to ask you that, but can you schedule your move after looking at the weather forecast? Take into consideration the probability of snow along your route so that there aren’t unnecessary delays and unnecessary costs.

Consider Relocating is Easy

If you are procrastinating things and thinking it is going to tough. Then let me tell you once you started the things going to be easy. All you need to plan it accordingly and do it like a boss. So avoid procrastinating a lot about moving in your mind. 

Select a Good Moving Company

Last but not least, select a good moving company. One that is registered with the appropriate authorities and has plenty of reviews on third party websites and platforms to back up the service quality claims that it has plastered all over its website. Finding such a company should not be a problem for you because the right company is only a Google search away. But be thorough.

I will suggest that you look at if you are looking to move to Las Vegas, as I have had a good experience with them here. However, this does not mean that you should abandon the suggestions prior because otherwise, this becomes another thing that is useful and not used.

So these were some mistakes people make when moving to another place. Considering these points can make a lot of things easy for you.


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