How to clean your mind to overcome depression

clean your mind

What is the reason for mental health issues and depression on the rise? It is because of your thoughts. There is only one reason for depression. And what is the one reason? Overthinking. And why is there overthinking, because you did not clean your mind

Can you tell me the 2nd reason for depression? NO! You can’t. So, overcome on overthinking is the only way to overcome depression. In other meaning overthinking with low mood is depression. To overcome overthinking you have to clean your mind

Therefore in this article, you will learn, how to clean your mind to overcome depression?

Depression is because we take stress for something, for some reason. Stress…after stress…after stress, the mind becomes weak and one-day bigger stress. And then you did not get the power to face it. You do not have the power to face it, because you were not cleaning our daily stress. 

  • You said, you can not forget, what happened in your life. 
  • You said you can not forgive him/her. 

And thus this thought is held in your mind. The overthinking of this stress block the energy released by your mind. 

You need to forgive, you need to release, you need to clean. Not for them, for you… for you. You will have to do it for yourself. And thus the energy released by your mind will be clean and would radiate through your body. 

Whenever we go to temple/church, what does it do to us? It gives us peace, power, calm. When we release the clean energy from your mind, your body will become pure. 

Release your mind energy

When you go outside in this state (with the pure body), whoever will meet you feel pleasing. Children will get power just by being with you. 

All you have to clean your mind and carry the pure body with energy releasing mind. 

You keep checking where is financial index is going in your bank, how much you have saved. Did you ever check how much energy you have saved in your mind? Why are you blocking your energy for something that is not important anymore?

Everything that you take care of in terms of money, you need to start taking care of in terms of your energy in your mind. Use this energy carefully, earn it carefully. Do not block this energy. Clean your garbage thoughts, clean your mind, give it space, talk to someone, make it happy. It means taking care of your mind. 

You have to do clean your mind every day. That’s why you need to spend a few minutes every morning and every evening. Sit in silence to clean your stress, and once you got a habit of this purism, your mind will become so powerful that people would come, say what they want, do what they want, but then your mind will not create any stress. Because your mind has become so powerful. 

If you are holding to much stress of the past, it will make you weak. And then you will be irritated, angry, hurt very easily, and become emotionally weak.

But when you start cleaning your stress, you will reach a stage where it will create no stress or overthinking or depression. 

How much time do you think it will take time, to reach the stage with no stress. So less, with proper meditation, sleeping, yoga, proper thinking, and cleaning your mind daily. 

Accept the reason

Whenever there is a disturbance, accept it and say you are the reason for this. Do not point fingers at others. Forgive them and release yourself. Whether it was irritation, whether it was aggression, whether it was upset, whatever…just accept it that you created this. And release your mind. 

Because if you accept it, you will learn for next time, how to respond. But if you do not accept it and say they are the reason for this. Then you are indirectly saying, they have the power to disturb you.

It’s like giving away the remote control of your mind to people around you and say press the button and you will feel accordingly. And really people know which buttons to press, yeah… they know which button to press. They know what to say to make you happy, they know what to say which will trouble you. 

But who should have the remote control of your mind? Only you. 

So now whatever you feel, doesn’t matter what emotion it is, important is that don’t say it’s because of them. You have to take all responsibility for yourself. You are the creator of emotions inside of you, you must have to release them. 

And this way you can clean your mind to overcome depression and other negative thoughts.  

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